A Shout Out From Chadwick Of Hundredth

Just wanted to share this with you.

Hey, this is Chadwick. I’m going to do a little ramble here so beware…

I like real music. Emotional, meaningful, well-thought out music. I’m sure a lot of us are the same in that preference. Lately I’ve been noticing a large amount of surface-level, and mostly ignorant music (and lyrics) that seems to be getting “popular”. Not only does this bum me out, but it makes me want to put out the most real, emotionally driven music I possibly can. Like a lot of you, music for me is therapeutic and this band is therapeutic for me. But I couldn’t have even known music could be an emotional outlet of creativity without a couple of records that I got into back in the day. The most influential of these records for me was THURSDAY – FULL COLLAPSE. Get ahold of that. We want to bring back the meaning in music, rather than the superficial garbage that’s plaguing aggressive music and I know we aren’t the only ones…

Let’s spread and create this culture of meaning and emotion in music. It needs no name, it just needs listeners who can decipher real from the forged and fraudulent. If you are into this, be into it.

Come see us and lose yourself.

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