Q&A: For Today’s David Morrison

They released an amazing new album called Breaker, and just got of their very first European tour with Winds of Plague, Stick To Your Guns and Monuments. We’re talking about one of the fastest growing bands in the (Christian) metalcore scene: For Today. Their drummer David Morrison took some time to answer our questions.

How does touring Europe for the first time feel?

Touring Europe for the first time was a total blessing and definitely a dream come true for myself as well as some of the other guys in the band. It was most of our first times in several new countries, and we got to see some historic places that ew had always heard about in movies, books, etc… We also had been anticipating for MONTHS to minister across Europe & The UK. We have heard from people and other bands that Europe is very spiritually dry in the metal/hardcore scene and that they are in need of an awakening, and that was our goal – to bring that awakening and revival through the power and blood of Jesus!

Can you tell me some cool experiences from this tour?

It was our first tour in a bus, and not just a normal bus, a double decker bus shared with our friends in Winds of Plague & Stick To Your Guns. That is an interesting enough experience in itself! Waking up in a new country everyday.

I really enjoyed seeing the coast of Plymouth England, The London Bridge, etc.. Vienna was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot!! We walked about 4 km’s to get Belgium Waffles in Belgium, which were overpriced but fantastic! We also came really fond of eating kebabs!

Can you tell me something about the writing process for Breaker?

Ryan & Brandon would sit at home a lot and work on guitar riffs and song structure ideas for parts, and then I would meet with them a few times a week to practice parts we had written and brainstorm new ideas. We would practice in a small room in the basement of our church several times a week. Mattie was in Alabama with his wife during most of this time, writing lyrics while we would send him poorly recorded demos of the songs and parts.

What’s the message behind Breaker?

Breaker is about a “Breaker Spirit” and “The Breaker”. Our prayer is that everyone who believes that Jesus saved them from their sin, would embrace the Breaker Spirit and break down strongholds and the power of the enemy trying to hold them back, all the while being “The Breaker”.

In this quickly evolving world, what do you think’s your best promotion tool?

The music industry hasn’t changed a whole lot since we’ve been a band, but the internet sure has!! The internet has been a huge promotional tool for the band even when we were just a local band in Sioux City, Iowa 6 years ago! It used to be Purevolume & Myspace combined, and then Myspace took over all things music, and then bands started implementing other things like Twitter & Youtube, and now Facebook seems to be the most popular way to communicate with fans! What’s next??

You’re a big upcoming band in America now. What do you do to stay new and keep the kids curious?

I don’t really feel that we should have to change things that we are doing to stay new and fresh to the kids outside of the general norm for a band like us. We try to make sure that we don’t let any of our albums be released for a super long period of time before writing a new one. I know that I myself can sometimes be super stoked on a new CD but then listen to it so much that within 3-6 months I am about ready for some new tunes!! So we are constantly writing music, at home, on the road, discussing ideas, etc…

Why do you think preaching the Gospel through metal works well?

Preaching the Gospel of Christ works well whether it’s through metal, in church, through emo music, or through hip hop, and that is because it was prophesied thousands of years ago, that this is what we are supposed to be doing with our lives! There are millions of people in the world that are hurting, lost, confused, or think they can get through life on their own, that still don’t know of Jesus and his love for them! We want to make Jesus as famous as possible!!

Do you have any cool examples of the effect (preaching the Gospel)?

H man, we have seen literally 1,000’s of lives changed on the road in places like The United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Australia, and all over Europe and the UK.
You name it – Mike prayed with a girl in New Hampshire one night to accept Jesus as her savior, who was depressed and sad, and had actually made all the planning to kill herself that night. 3 years later, she is doing fantastic, and completely sober of all prior things holding her back. We’ve also seen blind eyes healed, broken bones completely back to life, people in crutches and wheelchairs stand up and walk, etc… & it’s all from the power of Jesus!

Can you recommend other cool upcoming bands to our readers?

There’s a couple upcoming bands on Facedown right now that are doing some really cool things – In The Midst of Lions & Your Memorial! Get into it!

Thanks for answering all our questions David. We can’t wait for you guys to tour Europe again!

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