Exclusive Preview: As Enemies Arise – Chapters

Hailing from the South of The Netherlands, As Enemies Arise proved themselves to be one of Holland’s most promising hardcore/metal bands. Playing like there’s no tomorrow with bands like Architects, Cancer Bats and Vanna, they’ve shown their dedication to this scene and how passionate they are about their music. The first result of their hard work was EP Show Me That Smile, released in September 2009, and a lot more touring followed. As for today, AEA is about to release their debut album Chapters. Legends Arising managed to get an exclusive preview of what’s about the be the next big thing.

Chapters kicks off with heavy guitar riffs that remind me of ‘Show Me That Smile’, title song of their EP. ‘Closure’ is much more than heavy guitar riffs though. Containing melodic refrains and technical transitions, AEA keeps it heavy as always, though in a very progressive way. Evolving from a hard hitting breakdown into a ballad into a melodic chorus, ‘Closure’ gives you a very good spectrum of the direction AEA is heading.

Chapters is all the prove you need to tell that AEA is one of Europe’s most promising metalcore bands today. They know how to get people’s feet of the floor with their smashing breakdowns, but also know that they have to be progressive survive this battle of the fittest.

They show this in, what I think should be the single of this album, ‘Careless’. Strong lyrics combined with a perfect balance between up tempo choruses, low breakdowns and one of the best singalongs I’ve ever heard: “Careless for this world that surrounds us”. Memorize it and scream it from the top of your lungs at their next show. In my opinion enough reasons to shoot a video for this song.

They present ‘Daybreak’ as their last song, leaving you with a 180 bpm heartrate and gasping for more. Technical guitarwork, some of the best moshbreaks, make this an exciting finale of a great record.

I hope you get our message: PRE-ORDER THIS CD! Support these guys, so they can develop their talent and show the world what AEA is about. Chapters releases on January 6th, and you can download ‘Careless’ and ‘Embrace Tomorrow’ on As Enemies Arise’ website.

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