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Album of the Month: A Plea For Purging – The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell


A Plea For Purging – The Marriage Between Heaven And Hell

Nashville’s A Plea For Purging just released their third full-length album. The first thing you’ll notice is the amount of dialogues the record contains, mainly faith-orientated. Something we regconize from their previous album Depravity. The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell doesn’t sound much different than Depravity, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. PLEA stepped up their game and delivered a great, more technical, record. Smashing breakdowns, mixed with up tempo choruses, sing-a-longs and even clean vocal parts, making this one of my favorite albums of the year.

As a Christian band, A Plea For Purging throw in some lyrics you probably won’t expect. Lines like “Your god is dead”, “If I were God, we’d all been dead” are not uncommon on this record. Singer Andy explains: “The concept for this album is, my God has turned into a product, an article of commerce. Profit is made off the name of God. Men are being exalted and praised. These are my opinions of modern/American Christianity. As my opinion, I see these things as wrong. I write about them! The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell is born!”*

My favorite track, and maybe the most suprising one of the whole entire album, is ‘The Fall’. Suprising, because this is the first time that guitarist Blake throws in some clean vocals. I love this song the most because of the uplifting song structure, the heavy guitarwork and the catchy chorus. Songs like ‘Shiver’, ‘And Weep’ and ‘The New Born Wonder’ prove that PLEA definitely hasn’t lost their feel for brutal songs with a direct message.

A Plea For Purging managed to deliver a great follow-up of Depravity. All headbangers will definitely be satisfied, and PLEA will most likely also expand their fanbase due to the new angles they’ve been discovering.



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