Former Holding Onto Hope frontman Cory O’Keefe launches

(AUGUST 2ST SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA.) Former vocalist of Come&Live’s Holding Onto Hope, Cory O’Keefe has launched his long awaited project “LUVD is certainly not mine, it belongs to everyone. This is 100 percent a family,” O’keefe explains. “Each one of us has the capacity to inspire and uplift another human, the first step is just believing we are capable”. The site is designed to be a community for the arts. Whether its music, fashion, photography or whatever you feel your creative calling to be, has something for you. Okeefe believes that people need purpose and that love will play an integral part in our generation’s future character and legacy. This is more than trend, more than what is on your back, LUVD is a lifestyle currently expressed through clothing, online community, and non-profit services. It is meant to uplift and inspire people to use their gifts and live a life of true purpose, and complete joy.

Please visit to sign up for news and developments regarding the site and community itself. Each item you purchase from the site will be kept track of and will be equaled at various clothing donations throughout the year.

“Overall I want hearts changed for people do what moves their soul. To crawl out of the mentality that it is all about us and little about others. To let our deed speak so loudly that people can hear our words. To not look back or focus on the end, but to be content in the journey and adventure that is this life.”

–Founder Cory O’keefe

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