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Introducing: Earthly Rage

Earthly Rage

When updating each other on our latest finds, Max Horn from Baron X Bones told me about London-based band Earthly Rage: “super young, but fucking sick”. I didn’t hesitate to check them out and was pretty blown away by their debut EP On Wings of Darkness considering the fact that no band member has officially hit adulthood yet. Even though their age comes with a certain lack of direction, which shows in their various line-up changes, Earthly Rage shows determination and persistence. I spoke to vocalist Tom Robertson for the introduction of his band. Enjoy the read!

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Hi, I’m Tom and I do vocals in Earthly Rage. Aidan Starr is our guitarist and Matt Darby is our bassist. I share names with our drummer, ha. We’re a hardcore band from London with an eclectic mix of influences.”

Max (from Baron X Bones) mentioned you guys are quite young. How old are you and what do your daily lives look like?

“I suppose we are, I mean (I think) we’re all under 18 at the moment. We’re all in full-time education; sixth form, college etc and a couple of us have part-time jobs that mostly goes toward this. I put on occasional hardcore shows along with some of the dudes from World Weary, No Rest and more under London Hardcore Collective and am doing No Spiritual Surrender Fest in London next year which takes up some of my part-time to organize. I also write reviews of bands under the name Daydream Tendencies.”

How did you come up with the band name and what’s the thought behind “Earthly Rage”?

“We started out in April this year and needed a name so I just put ‘Earthly Rage’ to Aidan and Matt and really it just fell into place. I was listening to a lot of Chokehold / Green Rage and of course X Repentance X at the time and that definitely influenced it (quite a lot).”

Please define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Weird. Cynical. Riff-heavy. We don’t really know what our sound is but it’s pretty fun to play. Mostly a combination of riffs, moaning about the world and acting weird at shows.”

Your debut EP “On Wings of Darkness” was release in early september. What’s the story behind this release?

“On Wings Of Darkness was the result of us just going wild really and admittedly rushing to put something out. I’d say I’m most guilty of pushing for that. Aidan and Matt collectively wrote the whole thing though in about three months and our ex-drummer put down his parts before we decided to record with Ian Boult at Stuck On A Name Studios in Nottingham. I wrote the lyrics at points in life when I just got really angry at the world we live in, especially in regards to the incidents in Gaza a few months back, the deforestation I found I was experiencing literally right down the street from me as well as the cruelty and greed of humanity you witness every day.”

What’s next?

“We’re changing our name and putting a new record out right before summer. We haven’t actually started writing anything yet, maybe in January. The decision though, is a result of realising we want to branch out more in hardcore and not be weighed down by a name that attributes more to environmental kind of issues when we’re preaching about all kinds of other things. I want to offer a thanks though to my fellow south pacific buddy Max Horn who films shows around the country under Baron X Bones and does A LOT for UKHC, Ben Woolf and Jamie Harris for guiding and supporting us a good bit, Boulty and Oliver Parker in Nottingham who made our time there really enjoyable and of course friends / support received from other inspiring bands like World Weary and Renounced as well as anyone else who has come to a show and seen us. Thank you.”

Earthly Rage: Facebook / Bandcamp

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