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Interview: PITFEST2


On October 11th, the second edition of PITFEST takes place at Kinder- und Jugendzentrum St. Hubertus in Aachen. This amazing DIY fest is organized by our good friends at and this year they’ve put together a smashing line-up yet again. To introduce you to all the bands and give you some fun facts we asked one question to each band on the bill. Enjoy the read!

What comes to mind first when thinking of PITFEST?

Down To Nothing: “Even though it’s called PITFEST, all I can think of are smiles and stylish stage dives!”

Why should anyone come to Pitfest?

Risk It!: “If you still need a reason after you had a look at the line up you listen to the wrong music.”

When you think of a Pitfest pit, what do you imagine it to look like?

Broken Teeth: “I imagine a dark room with 100’s of kids going wild to some awesome bands.”

What should your fridge at Pitfest be stocked with?

Coldburn: “Hey! We love fridges. To be honest we need three of them! One of them filled with beer for the “not-so-straight-edge”-weirdos. The other one filled up with disgusting energy drinks for the straight-edge-weirdos. The third fridge must be huge and empty. We need it like this to cool down our guitarist Chris from time to time. Sometimes he gets in a lather. If you got freezers: fill ’em with icecream.”

A Pils, an Alt, a Kölsch, a Weissbier, a Helles or a Dunkel?

Cornered: “None of the above. Kids, if you want people to respect you, you should do a lot of speed instead or not drink at all.”

What are you playing in the car on the way to Pitfest?

Gone To Waste: “We will listen to Client’s new record “Joy Is The Only Treat” because it’s 2014’s best record!”

Why should people order from

Light It Up: “In our opinion, the most important thing concerning hardcore is ‘DIY’ – Do It Yourself! A lot of people heard about it, a lot of them talking about it but the difference is in living it. For us, hardcore is based on values risen from heart and soul. Take a stand and leave your mark in something that makes you feel alive. No one will pick you up and show you how it´s done. You need a change? Stand up, start on something and do it yourself! During the years we met a lot of people taking care of our scene and spending their time, money and life in keeping hardcore alive. Every kid on their own way but with the same intention and target. A.K. and, each visitor at a show, any promoter, each person being part of a band, fanzine etc. take their part in a movement called their home – Support it!”

What’s your favorite band on the bill?

City To City: “Risk It! Besides being our label mates they’re one of the heaviest live bands we’ve seen for years in Euro hardcore and they are the nicest dudes around without a doubt.”

Download the free PITFEST 2 sampler now on featuring tracks of Down To Nothing, Risk It!, Broken Teeth, Coldburn, Cornered, Light It Up, City To City and two new, unreleased Gone To Waste songs.


Tickets for PITFEST 2 can be purchased through for only €16. For more information check the Facebook-event.

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