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Photo Report: Client., Warbrain & AYS @ Dynamo, 15 September 2014

Last night I celebrated my birthday in the best way possible: by going to a show with people I love. That might sound a little corny, but I enjoyed every single moment of it. We missed out on local band Backbreaker, so Client. started off our night. These kids from Hannover, Germany have an amazing debut album coming out called Joy Is The Only Treat, which is definitely among my favorite releases of 2014. It was my first time seeing Client. and they definitely didn’t disappoint. They don’t sounds as polished live as they do on record, but the raw edge really added to the live experience. A superb band that you all guys should keep an eye on. Warbrain from Melbourne, Australia was up next, and as expected they killed it. It was a quiet night for Dynamo, so there was hardly any interaction from the audience, but it was clear that people definitely liked what they heard. Give Warbrain a year or two to gain fanbase and they’ll be destroying full houses with their smashing metallic hardcore. We had to leave early so we only caught two songs of AYS, but the crowd finally warmed up a bit and started moving around. I trust it was a good show for them.

Check the pictures by Anne below.

Pictures by Anne Carolien Köhler –  Facebook

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