Rude Awakening Sign With Bridge Nine Records

Rude Awakening

Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts hardcore quintet Rude Awakening have signed with Bridge Nine Records. The band are set to release their debut full length this summer. 

R.A. vocalist Josh Hynes commented, “I was first introduced to Bridge Nine as a kid, right when the label started in the late 90’s, and remember picking up the Proclamation 7″ and being hooked right away.  It was awesome being able to see the label grow from an underdog label into what it has become today.  Throughout the past sixteen years, B9 has put out some of my favorite releases so it is a real humbling experience signing to a label that I was brought up on.  As with most labels, it has grown and branched out, but still remains very much a part of the hardcore scene which it was founded on and we as a band couldn’t be happier being here.”

R.A. just finished recording their debut full-length Collateral Damage with Dean Baltulonis at The Wild Arctic in Portsmouth, NH (Agnostic Front, Modern Life Is War, Sick of It All).  These ten songs have brutally honest lyrics that cover a wide range of topics and harsh truths with no holds barred.  Musically, these songs are equally as punishing as R.A. puts an updated spin on heavy hitting CT and NY-style hardcore.  More information will be coming soon on R.A.’s new LP for Bridge Nine – in the meantime, keep up with the band on Facebook and give their The Awakening EP a listen here.

Rude Awakening: Facebook / Bandcamp

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