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Album of the Month: Malevolence – Reign of Suffering


Our Album of the Month comes from Malevolence. This five-headed band of head-banging, marauding youngsters from Sheffield is what seems to be the latest thing to come out of the UK, ready to conquer the world. They are the purest crossover band as when it comes to metal and post-hardcore, but basically it is just plane metal. What is to be described as real hardcore these days? Whatever it is, it does not have our main focus, but somehow these guys wormed their way into the hardcore scene and with their new release they are making clear that they are here to stay.

Being signed on Siege of Amida Records, the Sheffield shredders have dropped their first full-length album called Reign of Suffering. The moment you start playing this record you are thrown into a little void of confusion, as the first notes played could lead anywhere. Almost directly it becomes painfully clear at what kind of level these boys are. Yes, I said boys; with an average age of 20 these guys have some serious skills. It shows. The first track called ‘In the Face of Death’ is a true metal banger, filled with insane shredding, solo’s, whammies, pullies, everything you can imagine and a sickening break to end it all with.

Second on the record’s track list is a song called ‘Condemned to Misery’, a familiar tune to those who have been paying attention to this band for a while. It is the track the band has released as one of their singles, complete with music video. It holds an amazing intro, but not the most amazing intro to this record in my opinion. Check out the video below:

Next up is the ‘Serpent’s Chokehold’. Besides hardcore, I am a big fan of rock ‘n roll and heavy metal music and when I heard the intro to this song for the very first time I got shivers down my spine, before banging my head as hard as my neck would let me. It was their very first single release with a music video. It is a killer intro to a killer song and a great start for the band. Check out the video below:

Other amazing songs on this album are the title track ‘Reign of Suffering’, it has the most amazing outro if you are into the ancient Egyptian, kind of mystic, creepy, melodic guitar parts. Also give ‘Turn to Stone’ a chance; it is perhaps the longest song that has kept my attention throughout all the 7.28 minutes of it.

Reign of Suffering has to be the best album yet to come out of Sheffield. I have to hand it to these guys, it truely is a master piece. Even if this is not your thing, you should definitely give it a chance. You will see that these guys work hard on their songs and it takes some serious talent and skill to do what the guys of Malevolence have done here.

Track list – Reign of Suffering:

01. In the Face of Death
02. Condemned to Misery
03. Serpents Chokehold
04. Eternal Torment
05. Reign Of Suffering
06. Delusions of Fear
07. Turn To Stone
08. Wraith

Not yet convinced? Check out the entire album on SOAR’s stream below:

Malevolence: Facebook / Tumblr / Bandcamp / Order Reign of Suffering on Impericon!

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

One thought on “Album of the Month: Malevolence – Reign of Suffering

  1. Fabulous album which takes me back, in parts, to my youth. Track 7, ‘Turn to Stone’ really shows off the true talents of these young men. Vocals brilliant and guitarist- extremely talented. Musically they hang together so well. A diverse album which shows what these guys are capable of. Lets have more please.

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