Review: 18 Miles – Darker Times

Darker Times

It are good times for Hardcore in the Netherlands. In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen several bands release their (first) records. Running Out, Hawser, To The Test and New Morality all delivered very solid records. Let’s see if the full-length Darker Times (Perspective Records) by 18 Miles can keep up. They are called “the new breed of Dutch hardcore” by legends No Turning Back, so keeping up shouldn’t be much of a problem.

First track ‘No Guts’ kicks off with a fast pace. It’s the shortest and most furious track on this record. Second song ‘Hollow’ has a bit more melody to it, but the intentions are clear from the start: good mosh material. Their release single ‘Die Strong’ is up next and it’s one of the heaviest tracks on this record. “Let no one else take control over your life” kicks in, and is quite possibly the most brutal part of this record. The cross-over between Hardcore and Metalcore comes forward in this song.

Associations with bands like The Ghost Inside and Stick To Your Guns are easily made. Without question, a lot of people will like this. ‘Broken Homes’ and personal favorite ‘Pushing Forward’ are the highlights of this record. Strong, meaningful lyrics accompanied by catchy and brutal riffs make them tracks to put on repeat.

After ‘Pushing Forward’, the record is solid but there are no highlights like the first half of the album had. Nonetheless this is a great record especially when you keep in mind that it’s their first full length release. 18 Miles proves that Dutch hardcore shouldn’t be underestimated and that there are great things to come. The artwork is done by Robin Clarijs Illustrations. The windmill shows where the band is from and they aren’t afraid to let the world know. Dutch hardcore is coming! Download Darker Times for free over here.

Track list – Darker Times

01. No Guts
02. Hollow
03. Die Strong
04. Pirates
05. Broken Home
06. Pushing Forward
07. Moving On
08. For Better For Worse
09. Counterwise
10. Boundaries
11. Darker Times

18 Miles: Facebook / Bandcamp / Big Cartel

Written by Gijs Duijzer

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