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Album of the Month: Rise and Fall – Faith

Rise and Fall from Ghent, Belgium have been called “the next chapter of true hardcore/punk greatness”. Since 2004 they have toured the world and shared stages with the old elite and newcomers in hardcore, and they have seen the things major festivals have to offer. You could say the guys from R&F haven’t been sitting still for the last couple of years. At the end of 2011 and in early 2012 they took some time off for themselves, secluded from civilization and away from the hectic scene. It is now that Rise and Fall come back from a short period in the shadows to bring us their new album: Faith.

Faith is a mixed up 10-track release with a lot of variation. True hardcore songs; some songs no longer than 2 minutes share the track list with long lasting trashy melodies, together these styles set a complete vibe, a feeling we are all familiar with. Faith gives us the feeling we get when we think about Rise and Fall, but times 10: A banging, trashing, whipping, energizing, agonizing, and destroying album for the seasoned listener. We love it.

The album kicks off hard with ‘A Hammer and Nails’, a song that gives an idea what Bjorn Dossche (vocals) and his friends think of “this world so cold”. The song is fast and angry with grungy riffs and exploding drums; it gives the listener a view on the mentality of today and the result. It more or less sets the theme for this album. ‘Deceiver’ is a bit different from the rest. It is a song as punk as it is trash, it is fast and dirty, yet it is a very personal song by lyrics. This track is not about diplomatic or governmental sorrow, but a song that is closer to the heart than the rest of the album. The thing I love about Rise and Fall, most songs are about the themes that are traditional in this scene. The topics many bands are going on about and then stop. R&F doesn’t stop, they go on. They push their abilities and create something sophisticated and edgy without any extra effort. You notice it in words and play. Listen closely to songs like ‘Burning At Both Ends’ and ‘Escapism’ and you’ll hear what I mean. The songs are true, and sincerely written for those reasons and not just to write a song you can play on your local show. No overused speeches and no riffs we have heard a hundred times before. These are words they want to put out there, and they want people to connect to those lyrics on an entire different level than most bands do. These are music pieces that involve years of playing drums (Wim Coppers), bass (Vincent Maes) and guitar (Cedric Goetgebuer), this is love for playing hardcore music.

It is good to see a band of guys that have been around for some time like the guys from Rise and Fall and to see that they are still improving themselves. New additions to the sound of the band are songs like ‘Things Are Different Now’ and ‘Faith/Fate’. These are songs that still hold the grungy and angry sound, but become more dragging and have a buildup that almost gets you to a trance static feeling. These songs are something we are not used to with Rise and Fall, but personally I find that they are very welcome and a great addition to the sound and vibe of the band.

Faith is an album that is not for everyone, it is a translation of the years of experience that these guys have gathered, and that combined with their raw passion for trashy hardcore. Together all these elements create an honest album, still holding that honest DIY edge. Rise and Fall have done something here that lesser and lesser experienced and succeeding bands can do these days: Create a living and breathing album that tops their previous albums.

Track list – Faith:
01. A Hammer And Nails
02. Deceiver
03. The Gallows Await
04. Burning At Both Ends
05. Things Are Different Now
06. Breathe
07. Hidden Hands
08. Escapism
09. Dead Weight
10. Faith/Fate

Check out ‘Hidden Hands’ by Rise and Fall – Faith:

Rise and Fall: Facebook // Web // Deathwish Web

Words by Ruben Middelweerd

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