Q&A: The Alpha Agency

About a month ago The Alpha Agency launched its brand new website and its services. As a booking and management agency they’re working together with The Guns Show, Belie My Burial and Fit For a King. Founder Cory Hajde talks to us about their vision and how they try to stand out from the masses.

You say that you’re more than a booking/management agency?

Yes, since we already combine the two we want to add more incentive for our clients and our partners. We really want to spread our values throughout the industry and re-establish what the hardcore scene was founded on, which is Unity. We love music and we feel that people should view it as more of an expression rather than a competition. Also, we do our own productions/promotions throughout Ohio and have began expanding into Illinois.

Why and how did The Alpha Agency get started?

As soon as I parted ways with CI Booking, I took a lot from what Jeremy Weiss taught me and I wanted to prepare something new. Even though it was a pretty difficult transition, I kept my original clients and found new ones quicker and easier than I thought. I began building an incredible staff full of leaders and innovative people. Also mixing the musician with the business-man to create a friendlier environment for our clients. After our launch, we really got off to a quick start and have received an extravagant amount of support from our amazing fans.

What do you think The Alpha Agency can add to today’s hardcore scene?

Like I said before, we are confident in bringing Unity back to it’s spot as the foundation of hardcore. We also want to have people widely accept other genre’s of music to partner up with hardcore since we love versatility. We want to bring up the next generation of bands with the goals of a band signed to a major label. We know where we stand with expanding into the mainstream and we know what our artists are capable of, and we know that if we keep pushing forward that absolutely nothing will stop us from accomplishing these goals.

What are the goals long and short term?

Long term, we want to establish ourselves as an icon in this industry and have the absolute best reputation possible through expansion, we want to help our artists sign with great labels who prioritize our bands, and we want to become one of the most premier concert booking companies. The short term really involves putting out quality tours, developing markets for our bands, using grassroots marketing to launch excitement in tons of cities, and partnering up with other amazing companies who are willing to help us grow and vice versa.

What bands did you grow up listening to? In what way did they inspire you?

New Found Glory, 311, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Say Anything. I really got into Underoath once I hit my teenage years. I think these bands really gave me a lot of inspiration because I felt the emotions that they portrayed through their music. It was all about expression to them and they we’re amazing live. I can see all of them working hard on a daily basis, and since I’m not too musically inclined, I felt helping bands was the next best thing!

You’re not only working with hardcore bands? Can you explain a bit more about the roster?

We love versatility like I explained earlier. It makes us different and it gives us variety, and that’s what we love about it. All of us can jam to indie and then start moshing to hardcore. We want to stay open to all styles of music because its amazing what new and interesting style will come up as we grow up. Seeing other music scenes emerge is probably one of the most exciting things because it’s original and different.

Anything you’d like to add?

You covered a lot of ground, so nope.

Thanks so much man, we are really pumped to be working with you guys and were going to help as much as possible to spread the word about Legends Arising.

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