Review: Terror – Live By The Code


I don’t think Terror needs introduction; this band has been around for about ten years now and everybody in the hardcore scene knows Keepers of the Faith. I myself am more a fan of older work like Lowest of the Low, Always the Hard Way and One With the Underdog. Keepers of the Faith had some nice tunes and even though almost all Terror’s work sound identical to me it felt something from the old days was missing. Now Terror is here with Live by the Code. I wasn’t that excited about it, because the last record didn’t spoke to me and I hate the fact that they are on VEVO and all over Impericon. But here I am, setting everything aside to listen to the new record.

The record starts with ‘The Most High’ and listening to the first riffs I already know what kind of song this will be, and I’m right. A Typical Terror jam that will not surprise nor disappoint. It will surely get the kids into the pit. I can see why they chose this song to open the record and the slower pace used in ¾ of the track is a nice touch. Second song ‘Not Impressed’ is a faster Terror track. What I noticed on the first track is also noticeable on this track; Terror went for a darker sound than on Keepers of the Faith. There’s more of a gritty tone to it all. ‘Cold Truth’ is the third track and will be a singalong for most of the kids. It’s a catchy and energetic song that’ll stick with you lyrically and musically. Fourth track ‘I’m Only Stronger’ is a track filled with melodies and catchy guitar riffs. It’s a slower song and the best track so far. Just like the previous album, this record has its title track ‘Live by the Code’ and sets the mood for the whole record, it’s everything Terror. I expect to see the sentence “Live by the code, the diehard remains” everywhere on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and it will be screamed out live intensively without a doubt.

‘The Good Die Young’ isn’t something I would miss if it wasn’t on this record. It’s just same old, same old. All Terror. The guitar pace they used (¾ of the track) and the background mini solo used at the end is the only thing I would remember this song by.  ‘Shot of reality’ is the seventh song and another hard hitting track. They switch between slow and fast paces and the song is build to be moshed upon. ‘Hard lessons’ was already released earlier and is a very hard and groovy Terror song in my book. It even has a crossover feel in some parts and I really dig that. I recommend this song to any Terror fan. ‘Invasion’ is fast, mean and has some nice guitar work in it. “I am your demise” and “Lies of a parasite” are some strong lines spat out by Scott and you’ll feel the anger rushing through you. Ending tracks ‘Nothing in your head’ and ‘One Blood’ are the expected ending for the record that held no surprises. The only thing I can say is that ‘One Blood’ has a serious Agnostic Front vibe to it.

All in all ‘Live by the code’ is not a bad record; it sounds like Keepers of the Faith pt. II and if they called it that, I wouldn’t be surprised. I think every Terror fan will eat it up and to me it was better than expected.  ‘Hard Lessons’ and ‘I’m Only Stronger’ are the best tracks to be found on this record in my opinion. Terror never tried to be original, just tried to improve the sound they already had and you can hear it on this record. I think the two earlier named tracks are the only tracks I would listen to because I prefer any old Terror work over KOTF and LBTC but if you’re a Terror fan and liked KOTF or if you’re into NYHC you probably want to check out this record. Get it now through the Century Media webstore.

Track list – Live by the Code

1. The Most High
2. Not Impressed
3. Cold Truth
4. I’m Only Stronger
5. Live By The Code
6. The Good Die Young
7. Shot of Reality
8. Hard Lessons
9. Invasion
10. Nothing In Your Head
11. One Blood

Terror: Web / Facebook / Order Live By The Code

Written by Nigel

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