Q&A: Jawbone’s Clint Vaught

Jawbone just released their brand new record Loss of Innocence, which we reviewed last week. Singer Clint Vaught spoke to us about the philosophy behind the record, his view on hardcore and how cd’s don’t sell any longer.

Can you share a bit of the philosophy behind Loss of Innocence?

The whole concept came together more or less by accident, Loss of Innocence was the last song we wrote for the 7″ but the idea resonated throughout every song we had planned for it. The whole philosophy behind it is that humanity is not progressively getting better, we have not learned from our past mistakes and we will continue down this same path towards death. The idea of purity, innocence or righteousness has never and will never be able to be achieved by us as individuals or in humanity in general without something greater than ourselves intervening.

What/who influences/inspires you to write music/lyrics?

My biggest influence would be life expierence, most recently through the lens of a relationship with the one True God. I wasn’t culturally conditioned to want to be a Christian, I was not raised in a Christian home and have only been a believer for about 4 years, seeing at the world through this has caused me to look at things that have been important to me for most of my life in a competely different way. Things like racism, greed, bigotry, abortion, mental illness or the pharmaceutical industry, issues like that look a whole lot different when you view them through absolute truth.

What is hardcore about for you guys?

I know I can’t answer absolutely for everyone on every issue but for the most part we have a pretty solid idea of what hardcore means to us. The do it yourself ethic has always been very important, when we first started, we printed our own demos, did our own recordings, printed our own shirts and for the most part we still book all of our own shows, anytime we don’t it’s because we’re jumping on shows or a tour with bigger bands. I would say that our main goal as a band is use our music as a platform to spread a message, our lives are pretty different but the main thing that unites us as a band is Christ. Hardcore is one of the few places where you should be able to say what you want, whether that’s veganism, straight-edge, atheism, political issues or whatever. Having a platform to spread a message is a great thing, that’s what hardcore is about. Everyone is pissed off or passionate about something, and the aggressive tendencies of hardcore is a perfect place to release that. I hope people can see what we believe from our music and lyrics.

Why the decision to release it on 7″ and not on cd?

First of all, we are incredibly stoked to be able to even do it, we are so happy to be on board with Blood and Ink and have a label backing us that understands what’s going on in hardcore right now and what we are trying to do as a band. We can’t tour a lot due to school and work so it’s really awesome that we have this oppurtunity to do something cool. As we all know NO ONE buys cds anymore, vinyl is way cooler and we still have the digital download keys with every 7″ purchase, there’s no excuse. You have the ability to press in different colors, so people own a cool physical product and have access to a digital copy.

Are you planning on taking the message across borders, and tour Europe?
Like I said we can’t tour a whole lot, but if we we’re given the opportunity to do something like a European tour and it would work for us logistically, we’d be all over it. So that takes us to this: any bands out there that want to take us to europe with them?

Well Clint, they’d be crazy not to invite you on tour! Thanks a lot for answering our questions and we wish you all the best for the future.

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