Trapped Under Ice Involved In Altercation In Germany

The news was already out there, but the band now also released their own statement. writes:

Members of Trapped Under Ice were recently involved in an altercation with a fan during a performance in Essen, Germany. Lambgoat has an account of the incident:

“The kid was stagediving and accidentally jumped on Trapped Under Ice’s singer. The singer and one more member of the band started to beat up the kid, which resulted in a broken jaw which had to be fixed by an operation and two screws in the kids jaw. TUI’s singer was calling a 1 on 1 off stage during some crew members still were beating up the kid. His motivation was stated: ‘I’m not a super hero, don’t jump on me!”

After the incident, the group issued a statement of their own:

“First off I’d like to say I’m sorry for not getting this done sooner. We’ve had very limited Internet access over here in Europe. There are a lot of things being said about the events in Essen a few days ago. Some are true some are not. I would first like to clarify that I didn’t do what I did out of ANGER but what I thought was self defense. When I was knocked off the stage I hit my head, a lot of stuff after that is a blur. However it is clear that I took it too far and I’m sorry for that. Id like to keep the other parties name out of this, as I’m not certain if he is comfortable with being named. At end of the night I got the chance to apologize to him face to face and he accepted my apology. I think a lot of people may be unaware of that at this point. In any case, I’m very sorry to the other party involved. Im sorry to anyone who had to witness my stupid behavior. This is not typical behavior for me or my band. Don’t feel discouraged to come out to the rebellion tour. Our actions do not represent the package. So again, I apologize. – justice and trapped under ice”

This being 2011, the incident was caught on video, albeit a difficult-to-see one.

One thought on “Trapped Under Ice Involved In Altercation In Germany

  1. fuck YOU and your band Justice!
    any self-respecting hardcore kid should know better and boycott Trapped Under Ice and hurl shit at your spoiled suburban white asses!

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