Carpathian Announce Hiatus and Final Australian Shows

With pain in our hearts we announce that Carpathian called in an indefinite hiatus. Read the official statement below:

With members of the band in various other bands and also looking to explore other artistic opportunities, Carpathian has announced an indefinite hiatus. They will be playing a final run of shows this month in Australia including Shorefest in Sydney and going out together with The Arthouse in the final week of Arthouse shows.

Vocalist Martin Kirby commented “The band has been an incredible ride for everyone involved and we are extremely thankful for the experiences and opportunities we have had to make music and travel the world. It has been the biggest part of our lives and touched on so many friends and family in it’s almost 10 years of existence. Thank you to anyone who has had an influence on this band in any way…this doesn’t mark the end but a new beginning”.

Since forming on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula in 2003, Carpathian have been an indestructible force asserting their dominance in the Australian hardcore pack. Releasing their debut EP through Washed Up Records in 2005, the following year they released the acclaimed full-length album “Nothing to Lose”. After battling line-up changes, the first recording by the rejuvenated line-up, a limited two-song 7″EP titled “Wrecked”, unveiled a frightfully intense new Carpathian sound.

Soon after, they converged upon the Getaway Group, a studio situated in the basement of Jay Maas’ suburban home in Boston, Massachusetts to record their “Isolation” album. The album marked their first release stateside by the Deathwish label. Within each of the ten songs that made up “Isolation”, Carpathian’s overall growth was apparent. Cohesive song-writing, fantastic recorded performances, and a powerful collective vision shined throughout, making the album a favorite of hardcore fans worldwide.

In 2010, after two years of relentless world wide touring, Carpathian returned with their most soulful and pensive effort to date, the “Wanderlust” 7″ EP. Releases by Deathwish and Resist Records, the release was recorded in their home of Melbourne and again mixed by Maas in Boston. The “Wanderlust” 7″EP saw the band take it to the stage across Australia, Asia, and Europe and realize the full impact of their efforts, enjoying continuous incredible shows across the globe.

We are sad to see them go, but alas, some good things must come to an end.

04/01: Cranbourne, Australia @ Cranborne Public Hall w/ Hopeless, Hallowers, Futures Now Trainwreck
04/08: Sydney, Australia @ Annandale Hotel w/ Break Even, Hand Of Mercy
04/09: St. Ives, Australia @ Shorefest
04/20: Melbourne, Australia @ The Arthouse w/ Hopeless, Warbrain, and Colossus
04/29: Wyndham, Australia @ Wyndham Community Hall w/ AYS, Warbrain, and Hollow

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