Larissa Parts Ways with Wolf Down

Wolf Down

Wolf Down

We’ve just received the unfortunate news that vocalist Larissa parted ways with German vegan straight edge band Wolf Down.

Please read the statement below:

“Hey folks,

Today is the day we have to deliver you some really unfortunate news. Larissa, our vocalist, is no longer part of Wolf Down. She decided to part ways with us, as she reached a point in her life where she can no longer be part of this band. Despite all the tours and shared experiences in the back of our heads, we have to accept the fact and wish her all the best for her future. Wolf Down is a project we all have put hard work into, making it an essential part of each of our lives. The privilege to be able to tour all around the globe can’t really be put into words and we’re beyond thankful for all the support we have gotten, so thanks to each and every one of you for that.

That being said, we do need the help of all of you once more: As you can imagine, we’re in desperate need of a suitable vocalist that will take Larissas place in the band.

If you feel you’re up to the job of doing vocals in Wolf Down, share our opinions and have the time to commit to such a project or if you know anyone that does – don’t be shy to hit us up on (subject: “Wolf Down Vocals”). Please include as much information about yourself as possible, links (no attachments!) to (live) videos and music of former bands are a plus! Also keep in mind that we don’t make any private money with Wolf Down and furthermore, you will need a lot of time for touring. We don’t care where you are from or what your gender might be, like we never did.

Please share and spread the word – every end is a new beginning and we will do our best to put Wolf Down on the grid again as fast as possible, with youthful freshness, positive rage and a message to spread (a new record wants to be written and a whole bunch of awesome tours are coming up, too!).

Wolf Down Renegades 2014″

Wolf Down: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter

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