One Life One Chance

H2O’s vocalist Toby Morse started the One Life One Chance foundation in hopes to promote a Drug Free lifestyle to kids all around the world. He breaks stereotypes of what it means to live a cool lifestyle. Heavily-tattooed recording artist and frontman of H2O for 15 years, Toby Morse defies stereotypes of a musician’s lifestyle. In an industry famous for drug use, drug-related deaths and overall self-destructive behavior, Toby chose a different path to walk. In his 40 years, he has never experimented with alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

With today’s increase in alcohol and drug use among youth, Toby’s message of living a healthy lifestyle and still being cool is one that needs to be heard. In the last year, he’s been across North America several times over, speaking at schools and other public forums and even donating musical instruments to schools with dwindling funds. Ultimately, Toby’s goal is to spread the message of living life with a “positive mental attitude” (PMA) to kids in elementary through high school. He talks about avoiding alcohol and drugs, and his passion for the subject is undeniable and sincere. Toby Morse is a walking, talking example of how much someone can accomplish against tough odds while maintaining a positive outlook.

Get inspired and head over to to read more about OLOC, check videos of his presentations or donate.

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