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The Groezrock 2017 Photo Report

Friends, bands and good vibes, is what basically summarizes Groezrock every single year. And the good vibes often cause me to miss a bunch of bands that were highlighted on my time schedule. This year wasn’t an exception. So no extensive report on the awesome time I had catching up with friends from all over, just some dope ass pictures of the coolest bands that played this weekend: Trade Wind, Wolf Down, Stick To Your Guns, Bent Life, Brutality Will Prevail and Incendiary. Enjoy & share!

PS: Shout-out to Just Like Your Mom for always serving the best vegan food!

All pictures are taken by my dear friend Amy Haghebaert A.K.A. @cruxsader A.K.A. @thephotopunk. Make sure to follow her.

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