Exclusive: Stream Cross Me’s New EP “Forever Cursed”

Cross Me

In four days, Cross Me from Milwaukee, Wisconsin will be dropping their Bridge Nine debut entitled Forever Cursed. The 7″ EP counts four brand new tracks of their authentic trash and metal influenced blend of hardcore.

The band comments:

“With our first European tour in the works as well as a few more support rolls, 2016 is looking to be the busiest year for us yet. We are extremely happy with the support we’ve received from the record so far, and overall excited to see what other opportunities are in store.

Just a little over three years ago, we self-released a demo hoping anyone anywhere would give a shit. Since then we’ve gotten to do things that we never thought we’d ever get to do. Can’t give a big enough thank you to Bridge Nine, Flatspot, and anybody who has helped us out along the way.”

We’re incredibly stoked to give you the chance to exclusively stream Forever Cursed. Hit play and enjoy!

Cross Me: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Forever Cursed

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