Review: This Is Your Life – Before We Fade Away

This Is Your Life

Born two years ago in Richmond, USA and raised with the sound of punk rock, This is Your Life have been making a name for themselves since their first S/T came out in 2010. After hundreds of shows, they are now releasing their first full length Before We Fade Away (released on September 4 through Reveille Records) on vinyl.

Once the instrumental opening title track has run out, ‘Arrivals and Departures’ comes in with a striking fast tempo that immediately brings to mind bands such as Comeback Kid. This is clearly one of This Is Your Life’s attributes: You can feel the urgency and relentless speed on approximately the whole LP. Songs are running into each other superfast, which is one of Before We Fade Away‘s strengths.

‘Blackout Curtains’ and ‘2905’ show the band’s ability to combine fast tandem guitars with catchy and melodic choruses, as professional as their older hometown peers would do.  The guitar work and screamed vocals are swell despite the fact that some songs unfortunately follow the same fast-paced pattern and don’t directly stay in mind. However, This is Your Life didn’t fail to add some heavy and varied riffs in their tracks, even if their genre and approach is not really known for technical tricks

This Is Your Life shaped an album that goes into the whole modern punk hardcore blend. By delivering epileptic punk hymns that Rise Against or A Wilhelm Scream wouldn’t deny, it is enjoyable to hear such a successful mastered album from a young band like them.

Before We Fade Away is a pleasant and energetic punk hardcore debut. Whilst not coming with unique things on table, This is Your life delivers fast and catchy tunes, sweet sing-along choruses and an obvious sense of melody. Besides, all their releases and albums are downloadable for free on their bandcamp. Another reason for you to go check these fellas.

Track list – Before We Fade Away

1. Before We Fade Away…
2. Arrivals and Departures
3. Anchor
4. Purgatory
5. Blackout Curtains
6. The Wall
7. 2905
8. High Tide
9. Distractions
10. Songs of Experience
11. Real Talk
12. …Into a Golden Age

This Is Your Life: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Before We Fade Away

Written by Alex Tabankia

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