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Album of the Month: Swamps – Seven Sides

Swamps, a hardcore band from Western Massachusetts that we got to know in 2011. By then they had just released their Corroding Kings EP. I was immediately intrigued by the structure and sound of their tracks and the combination of so many genres, seamlessly mixed together. Musically Swamps is a great band, but you can’t listen to Swamps and ignore the vocals of mister Andy Redbears. Going from a vocal style that reminds me of old-school “Oi! Punk” to flat, raw, New York hardcore vocals, he brings something new to the table. Now Swamps comes with a new release: Seven Sides. A record I had great expectations of, expectations that were met.

The record opens with ‘Bed Of Thorns’, the track the band had pre-released as a single, complete with a music video to go with it. It was the second single release after ‘Kill The Cold’, that was featured on Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation Vol. 2. These two tracks gave impressions of a heavier sounding, angrier Swamps than that we were used to, but after the first couple of seconds you find out that it is the same outgoing, wild kids that are behind the music.

The following track might just be my favourite the whole record: ‘Drowning Dry’, a heavy track, with a cool little point of attention that sets it in a different league from the rest. A returning bit of lyrics that give us mister Redbears at his best. This track holds (by far) the craziest vocal performance I have heard in modern day hardcore/metal music up until now.

The album holds some great songs that have that great feel that so many of the songs of this band have. It just breathes and has something completely authentic, yet original to it. The tracks are alive.

Seven Sides is the 2012 follow-up of Swamps’ 2011 Corroding Kings record. It has become a heavier record than their previous work. The guys know their strengths and how to use them and that is something you get to hear in this record. Seven Sides; a killer record.

Track listing – Seven Sides:

1. Bed Of Thorns
2. Drowning Dry
3. The Other Side
4. Done Digging Holes
5. Severed Tongues
6. Kill The Cold
7. Serpent

Swamps: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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