Gallows Set To Release EP

Hot on the heels of their first American tour with new frontman Wade MacNeil, Gallows are proud to show the world they’ve lost none of their edge with the release of a new EP titled Death Is Birth, due for digital release on the 5th of December. The EP will feature the following new tracks – ‘Mondo Chaos’, ‘True Colours’, ‘Hate! Hate! Hate!’ and ‘Death Is Birth’. Having already been released as a free download, ‘True Colours’ gave Gallows fans the first chance to hear the new line-up back in August of this year, proving within its 36 seconds of thrash that Gallows were more in your face and more hardcore than ever before, screaming and bellowing just inches away from your ears. The further three new tracks pack an equally vicious punch.

Death Is Birth, we’re going back to where we started and working with people we consider Gallows family,” explains guitarist Laurent. “The EP is being released on our long-term friend Faz’s record label Thirty Days Of Night and the songs were recorded with The Bronx’s very own Joby Ford.”

“For me this record builds on what I’ve always loved about Gallows,” continues Wade. “No posturing. No pretense. Four songs like a kick in the teeth.”

A limited edition vinyl version will be released through Thirty Days Of Night Records from the 13th of December. You can now pre-order it here.

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