Counterparts Album Set For Release

Canadian melodic-hardcore outfit Counterparts is currently recording their new album, slated for an October 25th, 2011 release date via Victory Records. The effort is entitled The Current Will Carry Us. Defining the “hard” in hardcore, Counterparts delivers a seamless concoction of heavy and melodic elements on their crushing Victory debut. The album is brimming with aggressive positivity. “The Current Will Carry Us is smarter, angrier, faster, and heavier, all while continuing to be very melodic. This blows anything we’ve previously done out of the water,” expresses vocalist Brendan Murphy.

With the welcoming of drummer Ryan Juntilla, Counterparts has solidified their line-up, completed by vocalist Murphy, guitarists Jesse Doreen and Alex Re, and bassist Eric Bazinet. “We’ve all grown up a lot since our last album, and it’s reflective through the music. We’re really proud of what we’ve done with this one,” says Murphy.

Pre-order The Current Will Carry Us here.

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