Exclusive: Wasted Bullet – Lights Below Sunrise

Only two months ago fellow dutchies in As Enemies Arise released their debut record Chapters that left its landmarks. They’ve toured throughout Europe with hardcore legends in No Turning Back and received a very positive response. Will Wasted Bullet be capable of achieving the same results? I think they will. We have the honor to release the very first review of their new album.

‘Aftermath’ is the first track of Lights Below Sunrise that shows what Wasted Bullet is capable of. Though singer Robbert is still a young fella, he has the voice of a lion that makes ‘Aftermath’ a convincing intro song. The heavy breakdowns, tempo changes and melodic refrains that support the lyrics, might remind you of American bands like The Ghost Inside or Close Your Eyes.

Wasted Bullet refuses to take back any of their energy in the second song ‘Downfall’. Fast metal riffs escort you throughout the song and all you headbangers won’t be able to keep your heads still. It’s a well structured song that gives you moments to take a breath so you will be able to give it your all on the dancefloor.

Lights Below Sunrise is a surprisingly well produced album, ready to conquer European grounds. The guys in Wasted Bullet got help from none other than Tom Danny (Diamond Studios/ex-A Day To Remember), who mixed and mastered the single ‘What’s The Best Of Us’. The remaining songs were mixed an mastered by Jochem Jacobs (Split Second Sound Studio/Textures).

‘Step by Step’ stands out because of its grooving rhythms, though sounding straight forward. The band never loses their melodic twist, which gives Lights Below Sunrise a certain solidarity, yet it never gets boring.

Wasted Bullet would have rounded the album up perfectly by making ‘The Orator’ the final song. It’s a fast song with full of catchy riffs that alternate with technical riffs and strong breaks. It’s one of best songs of the album that can help Wasted Bullet reach a wider crowd. Too bad they chose to finish up the nine-track album with an acoustic song. It’s cliché and the song is not by far as good as the other eight tracks.

Alltogether Lights Below Sunrise is an impressive record which you should definitely check out. Download ‘Atonement’ and ‘What’s The Best For Us’ now for free at http://www.wastedbullet.nl.

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