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Album of the Month: Our Last Night – We Will All Evolve


Our Last Night – We Will All Evolve

Post hardcore band Our Last Night has crafted their second and most adored album, We Will All Evolve. This album delivers addictive melodies, meaningful lyrics, and both of those put together is a given evolution of the band.

As most fans would know, this band began with young yet exceptionally passionate guys. Their determination brought them to where they are now, a respected and admired band. Trevor Wentworth blew us all away by pulling of harsh screaming vocals at the age of 11, Matt Wentworth drew in attention with his smooth voice and eloquent lyrics and the combination of Colin Perry’s, Alex “Woody” Woodrow’s and Tim Molloy’s musical talents completed the adolescent group. Throughout the past 6 progressive years the band has been able to mature into a fierce melodic-metal band. We Will All Evolve is just being released in Europe along with their first European tour! They will be displaying live their ripping vocals and breath taking tunes, get ready!

We Will All Evolve offers 37 plus minutes of non stop metal-core sensation. ‘Across The Ocean’ introduces itself gently just when we hear Trevor’s thunderous vocals bursting into the music. ‘Elephants’, on the other hand, begins straight on with thrashing vocals and then streams into a catchy chorus. ‘The Devil Inside You’ presents an explosive beginning yet does not fail to deliver an alluring chorus we will be singing long after we hear the song. Download, purchase or listen to the album on their myspace, whatever you can do to allow yourself to experience this prodigy of a band.

-written by Stefanie Tan


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