John Coffey Call It Quits, For Now

John Coffey Final Tour Poster

It’s always sad to see good bands go, but especially when you’ve seen a band grow since day one and you call the members your friends, it hurts to let them go. John Coffey has given it their all for the past 5-6 years when David and Chris joined the band. They’ve played every single venue and festival, they’re loved by young and old, and gathered a dedicated following.

But it’s time for something new. New challenges, new opportunities. The band stated yesterday on their Facebook-page:

“We have decided to put the band on hold. Therefore we will do one awesome last tour coming September. We don’t want to say farewell, but we won’t be making music these coming years.”

They will play all planned festival this summer and they announced a European farewell tour in September. Check all dates in the poster.

John CoffeyFacebook / TwitterWebsite

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