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Exclusive: Stream New Suburban Scum Track ‘Watch It Burn’

Suburban Scum

Suburban Scum are back! Their debut full-length record Ultimate Annihilation is slated for release via Flatspot Records on May 20th. The record will additionally be available through Reality Records (Europe), and Retribute Records (Japan) in their respective territories. We had a quick chat with vocalist Ryan Taylor about their new record and plans for the near future. Read all about it below.

You can now stream one of their new tracks, ‘Watch It Burn’, featuring Brendan Garrone from Incendiary, exclusively here at Legends Arising. GO and place your pre-order for Ultimate Annihilation TODAY!

The new songs have been shelved for a while since the recordings. How does it feel to finally get them out to the public?

“It honestly feels really good. The delay sucked but we’re in really good hands with Flatspot Records and it’s badass to see what we worked on come to light. We’re 100 percent behind this record and are extremely happy with it and we are fortunate enough to be able to release it with our own friends who believe in us. We spent a lot of time and took our time making it and it’s amazing to see it come alive. Couldn’t ask for more.”

Suburban Scum formed in 2007 and nine years later you’ve finally come to point of releasing your debut full-length. How does the 2007-you look at this achievement?

“The 2007 us was a completely different freak. We sucked. Our first show in a basement in North Jersey. Three cover songs, and maybe one or two ‘originals’, that also sucked. It took a while and we went through a handful of member changes but the 2007 us would be shocked at what it turned into. 2007 us would say ‘how did you find these actual musicians, make songs that make sense, and how did you get so fat?'”

What was the goal starting out? And looking at where you are now, how does all of that feel?

“Starting out we just wanted to start a hardcore band. No direction. As I stated earlier we went through a handful of member changes. We played so many shows it’s crazy looking back on it and to even think this has been going on for nine years. Maybe nine years too long haha. I never thought I’d be able to use this band as an outlet and to travel the world, simply because of music that kids could vibe with. Play amongst the bands that drive me and put me here in the first place. To be perfectly honest, I’m forever grateful that this band turned into a backbone for me and I think I can speak for the rest of us on that.”

How did the collaboration with Brendan Garrone from Incendiary come about?

“Brendan is a good friend of mine. Us and Incendiary have formed an unbreakable bond from playing so many shows together over the years. ‘Watch It Burn’ in particular just had a bouncy feel to it at times and I thought he’d be great on it. After speaking with 5 of his agents I was able to meet him in person and he’s really nice in real life too – Offered him a yacht and ten grand and we sealed the deal. I love Brendan. He’s my guy. Incendiary is the best. He took the song for a walk.”

What lies in the near future for Suburban Scum?

“Well, we’re going to put this record out. We’re going to play random shows around the US. We’re going to go back to Europe. We’re going to go back to Japan. I want to play a freaky island where no one understands what we’re even playing but we’re still on an island. We’re going to create more music. No pressure, at our own leisure, and will always come strong. Everyone take care of yourselves. This world we live in is something else and IMO we’re headed for the shitter.”

Suburban Scum: Facebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Ultimate Annihilation

Suburban Scum are featured in The L.A. Journal #2 – pick up a copy here.

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