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Introducing: Seek Nothing

Seek Nothing

Seek Nothing are an up and coming band from Berlin, Germany with an exceptional interest in beer. They recently contacted me to get some exposure for their upcoming self-titled, self-released EP which I gladly offered to them. Their heavy blend of hardcore is something most of you will definitely enjoy so here’s a quick interview to get to know the band a little better.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Hello, my name is Mike and I am the ‘singer’ in a Berlin-based hardcore band, Seek Nothing.”

How did you come up with the band name, Seek Nothing?

“Seek Nothing is the name of our 3rd bassist’s cat.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Oh man, okay: intense, riffs, repeat.

We are basically are five chill dudes that love hardcore and metal but also have very different tastes and lifestyles. We also think it’s really important to not take ourselves too seriously as the music is quite dark, especially lyrically. We’re not too interested in being technically the best band on earth. I think a lot of bands try to play 100% perfect and end up looking a bit, well forced? You won’t find us looking miserable in any promo shots.

So when we’re writing songs we just create a sound we all like and hope that there is something in there for others to enjoy. In this way we will have a really bleak, fast song such as ‘Drunken X Wolf’ next to a fairly party track such as ‘Ethics’. It’s cool. Or at least I think it is…

We all agree about one important subject, beer.”

Your self-titled EP will be released on March 21st. What’s the story behind this release and what has the process been like putting out your own record?

“So, we recorded the EP in Berlin last summer which was mildly annoying as it was super sunny outside – the city glows in the warmer months. Anyway, we’re a lazy unorganized bunch so it took a while to get the thing mixed and mastered, and then winter started so forget getting anything sorted out over Christmas! I think we just wanted to have the fucker out so figured we could self-release it and let that represent what we are as a band. Four very different songs about death, hardcore and burgers.

Personally I’d have bloody loved someone to release it for us but in between organizing shows and melting faces there just wasn’t the time. That said, it has been a really rewarding experience getting the photography and design done, sourcing the manufacturing, emailing blogs about our existence etc etc. We’ve learnt a lot, probably more than we would if we had someone else doing all the work for us.

Shout out to Zoe Noble for the excellent photography and Tatiana Nardi’s design for making us look like a professional band!”

Where do you hope this release will get Seek Nothing?

“More shows, more listeners and hopefully a record label will recognise the hard work and release it on another format (tape, vinyl, Betamax). We’d next love to find another band to do a split later in the year too! These four songs are kind of old to us now and the new songs we have are 10x heavier. But all of that future stuff is exciting because it’s another learning process. We have some exciting tour opportunities in the pipeline for the summer as well. I can’t speak for the rest of the guys but getting back on stage and making a lot more noise is the main aim.”

The EP is dedicated to Nick Mann, the man behind A Short Fanzine About Rocking (ASFAR), who sadly passed away last year. Can you explain what he meant to you?

“I met Nick years ago when he first began dating one of my oldest, closest friends Jen. We would attend countless shows together and he would occasionally pester me about late reviews for his fanzine. Even when I relocated to Berlin he would often visit and we would go watch terrible hardcore bands and get drunk.

We recorded the EP a while after the accident so for me it probably loomed heavy over the lyrics. In fact ‘Drunken X Wolf’ is about him and the effect his absence had on me and those that loved him. It was super sweet of the band to let me dedicate our first release to him and I like to think he would have given us a slightly above average review in ASFAR.”

Stream the first track off of their self-titled EP called ‘Caught In The Slipstream’ in the Soundcloud player below.

Seek Nothing: Facebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order self-titled EP

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