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Album of the Month: Risk It! – Cross To bear

Risk It - Cross To Bear

Hailing from the German city of Dresden, Risk It! are ready to deliver your daily dose of backs to the wall, cold blooded European hardcore goodness. Teaming up with the guys at Farewell Records, Risk It! are still ushering in some of the best, most savage hardcore the scene has to offer.

Album opener ‘Getting Low’ instantly sets the tone; tough, groove riddled riffs, and a hefty breakdown to round it off. With a heavy sound that parallels greats such as Terror and Backtrack, what more could a hardcore fan ask for? Cross To Bear may not deviate far from the tried and tested formula, however, it’s impossible to ignore Risk It!’s ability to mercilessly fly through each hardcore punk belter, boasting an unrivalled sense of venom and self-assurance.

‘Boiling Point’, ‘Trapped’ and title track ‘Cross To Bear’ deliver a host of NYHC style riffs, packed with groove and topped with a healthy helping of ferocious, spitting vocal lines. Instrumental ‘Sparta Pt. 2’ rolls into the final breaths of the record like a hardcore juggernaut, its sludgy, metallic riffs utterly unstoppable. ‘Face Reality’ and ‘Can’t Take it Away’ round off this 20-minute joyride, summing up Risk It!’s unfaltering, rock-solid style with a final injection of gut wrenching breakdowns and toxic vocals.

With a sold out release show already under their belts, it’s no surprise Cross To Bear ticks all the boxes of a certified hardcore gem. However, don’t take my word for it, these guys have a host of European dates where you can acquire a taste for their own brand of bone shattering hardcore punk. Cross To Bear stays on the straight and narrow, holding true to every pre-requisite we look for in a hardcore record. Having said that, there is a clear twist of originality in their groove fuelled riffs and an unyielding fury behind every vocal line. Do yourself a favour, give Cross To Bear a spin, and prepare to get mad.

Track list – Cross To Bear:

01. Getting Low
02. Mind’s Demise
03. Boiling Point
04. Trapped
05. Balance Of Power
06. Cross To Bear
07. Finish Your Business
08. Crumble Inside
09. Sparta Pt. Two
10. Face Reality
11. Can’t Take It Away

Risk It: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Cross To Bear

Written by Alfie Nobes

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