Pre-order The L.A. Journal #3


It’s time! The L.A. Journal #3 is here! Its official release will be on December 6th at the Northcote all-dayer in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, and we hope to see all of your faces there. This will be the VERY FIRST opportunity to get your hands on a copy. Pre-orders can be placed now and will be shipped on December 7th.

I just wanna use this opportunity to thank all the amazing people who’ve contributed to the third issue of The L.A. Journal. It’s been quite the ride and we couldn’t have done it without you. We spent the last eight months deciding on features, setting up interviews, gathering content and designing the final product, and we’re super proud of the end result to say the least.

The cover already reveals some of the names that are included, but please follow the below link to check out all the features. Thanks!

Pre-order The L.A. Journal #3

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