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Photo Report: Turnstile & Forced Order @ Winston Kingdom, 18 November 2015

Last night Turnstile and Forced Order kicked off their European tour at a sold-out Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. Yes, the bands arrived over an hour late, and yes people started to get a little grumpy, but HOLY SHIT what a good show. Forced Order nailed it and played a bunch of tracks off of their new record Vanished Crusade. It was clear that only a handful of people in the room knew the songs, but the vibe was great (besides the somewhat violent moshing from time to time) and it was sick finally seeing this band live.

When Turnstile hit the stage the crowd set off right away and it was probably the best response I’ve ever seen at Winston Kingdom. From start to end the set was filled with raw energy and the speakers and ceiling lights had much to endure with all the people stage diving and piling on top of each other. Every single person in the room, young and old, sang along to Turnstile’s songs and it proved again that they’re one of the most diverse hardcore bands around. Make sure to catch these guys again if you have the chance!

Also, shout out to Craig for putting on the show and keeping communication about the changing time schedule clear. Onto the next show at Winston Kingom in January: Citizen and Turnover.

Both Turnstile and Forced Order will be featured in The L.A. Journal #3 that comes out on December 6th at the Northcote all-dayer in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. If you wanna be the first to pick up a copy, don’t miss out on this party and get you tickets NOW!

TurnstileFacebook / Bandcamp / Order Nonstop Feeling (EU) / Order Nonstop Feeling (US)
Forced Order: 
Bandcamp / Order Vanished Crusade

Pictures by Anne Carolien Köhler – Facebook

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