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Photo Report: Bane, Code Orange & Wolf Down @ Zappa, 1 November 2015

Bane is currently on the road in Europe for their final tour. They’re playing a whopping 52 shows spread over almost two months. In 2014 they announced “the beginning of the end” with their final record Don’t Wait Up. Last night they played at Antwerp in Belgium, a show that was moved from Kavka to Zappa due to good ticket sales. Almost 600 people showed up and paid their respects to a band that has been part of the hardcore scene for almost 20 years.

Local band Sundays opened up, who have just released their debut EP Wørds, a well-received effort that draws influence from bands such as Verse, Modern Life Is War and Defeater. Stream it hereWolf Down was up second and played a super tight set. The Ruhrpott band changed their line-up last year and it seemed that for many people it was the first time seeing them with Dave on vocals in stead of Larissa. It didn’t set off as I expected, but when they finally played ‘Stray From The Path’ the crowd went nuts. Make sure to catch them headlining the Legends Arising stage at Northcote on December 6th.

It was clear that a lot of the younger kids were very eager to watch Code Orange play. From the first note onwards the mosh was on and as violent as expected. The band played a great set, incorporating a lot of material off of I Am King in their setlist.

I can rattle on about how good Bane’s show was, but anyone who has ever attended a Bane show know what’s up. Their hardcore anthems and seasoned musicianship guarantee a great show filled with sing-alongs, pill-ups and stagedives; the packed venue made sure of it. I’d like to dedicate this piece of text to the guys in Bane for the music they’ve put out, their relentless touring and meaning so much to so many people in the course of their existence. The L.A. crew wishes them all the best with their future endeavours. Until our paths meet again…

On a side note, make sure to pick up Distance Runner on this tour, a fanzine by Aaron Bedard and James Siboni.

Bane: Facebook
Code Orange: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order I Am King
Wolf Down: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Order Liberation
Sundays: Facebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Wørds

Pictures by Anne Carolien Köhler – Facebook

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