Introducing: The Kendolls

The Kendolls

Formed in Gothenburg 2007, rock ‘n’ roll band The Kendolls bought a van in 08′ and started touring all over Europe. Playing filthy bars, squats, floors, clubs or festival stages wherever.Through touring the live show and songs were getting better and more chaotic. This month they’re releasing their third full-length record Autonomania via White Russian Records and their own label Byhåla Records. Guitarist/singer Oskar Fredén took the time to answer some of our questions.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“I’m Oskar, I sing and play guitar but also make our artwork and run our own label Byhåla Records. On guitar/backing vocals we have Anton, bass and backing vocals by Victor and on the drums we have the frustrated beat of Kenneth.”

How did you come up with the band name, The Kendolls?

“It’s meant as an insult, cause when we started in 2007/2008 we wore make-up and tight pants and macho guys called us faggots and shit. But we’re not ashamed and we don’t take shit, so we called ourselves the Kendolls. Like the Americans say when insulting someone that looks feminine or Ken-like.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Punk rock madness. Cause we operate and play like a punk band, while our core and main influence is rooted in classic rock’n roll like Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones or The Ramones. Madness, cause our liveshow is an outburst in frustration and energy that is meant to awake your psyche from your 9-5 passive mode. Get on up!”

You’ve just released your full-length record via White Russian Records. What’s the story behind this release? And how does it stand out from your previous records?

“Our booker Justin/SOZ got us in touch with White Russian Records who were interested in releasing our new album Autonomania in Benelux. So we met them in Utrecht, while being on tour in July 2015. I could barely walk by this point cause I had sprained my foot and the chords of my ankle where cut off from a show earlier. But we all liked the WRR guys, their releases and working ethics so we decided to co-release this with our own label Autonomania Records.”

The Kendolls have been a hardworking, touring band since 2007. Where do you hope this release will get you?

“I hope it will get us to tour more continents and places we haven’t been before and connect us with more friends who feel like we do about life, music and the world in general. But then again, that’s up to us and no one else.”

Finally, what’s lined up for The Kendolls in the near future?

“Our new album Autonomania is out October 20th on White Russian Records/Byhål Records. We’ll be driving to Germany tomorrow to play shows inmany and the Netherlands. Then we go back and play a few shows in Norway. Next year we´ll be on a long European tour, covering as many countries as we can. We’re gonna try to get our asses to South America in 2016 aswell.”

The Kendolls: Facebook / Pre-order Autonomania

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