Photo Report: Homewrecker & Venom Prison @ The Black Heart, 12 September 2015

So I’ve been cruising around London since Thursday night with my buddy Max Horn from Baronxbones. It’s been great escaping the weekly workflow and replacing sitting by the computer with hanging out, eating great vegan food, drinking craft beers and roaming around new parts of London that I haven’t seen before.

On Saturday night we went to The Black Heart in Camden to see Homewrecker and Venom Prison play. Revulsion was supposed to play as well but unfortunately they had to pull out a few days before the show. I may be said that the way the venue dealt with it, sucked. Even though a ton of London bands showed eager interest to replace Revulsion, The Black Heart didn’t book any replacement while the cover charge remained the same: a whopping £12. Besides that, doors were supposed to open at 7pm. People started to gather in front of the venue around 6:30pm only to find out that doors were opening at 8pm and that the first band would only play at 9pm. Having to wait for 2,5 hours for a show to start because of the venues inability to communicate properly fucking blows. So, The Black Heart, please learn from your mistakes and get your shit together.

On to the good stuff…

By 9pm the room was reasonably filled and Venom Prison got on stage. The band had just dropped their new 7″ The Primal Chaos two days earlier and it was clear that people were stoked to see the new material live. I always find it quite hard to listen to metal records because so much depends on the production of the songs. The Primal Chaos contains solid tracks, but it didn’t blow me away like other records have this years. However, seeing Venom Prison live is something else. It’s the next level of heavy fucking riffing and the balance between all the instruments is off the hook. Larissa’s distinctive vocals deliver a certain urgency, a scream of desperation that really make this band stand out. Even though I hate pointing out sexes, this is the strongest female fronted band I’ve come across in a long time. If you’re planning on seeing Homewrecker in the next few days, make sure to be there early to catch Venom Prison.

Shortly after, Homewrecker took over the stage. This band recently put out one of the most brutal hardcore records off the year via A389 Recordings called Circle of Death. Their heavy blend of metallic hardcore punches through anything that gets in its way and it surely did tonight. The moshing was on! At least, the usual 10-20% of the crowd set off, in this case 6 kids. The two-man front, consisting of guitarist Matt Barnum and drummer Matt Izzi, produce an overwhelming smack-in-the-face backed by a wall of sound courtesy of bassist Steve Cray and guitarist Chris Vangorder. Their riffing is so mean and so fast, it’s mind blowing. Especially Matt Izzi is a maniac on drums while growling in his microphone. Definitely go see this band if you have the chance.

Homewrecker: Facebook / Bandcamp
Venom Prison: Facebook / Bandcamp

Words by Tim van Reyswoud
Photos by Ryan Rodrigues

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