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Introducing: Higher Power

Higher Power

Leeds has a new band making name for themselves in a rapid rate. Higher Power put out a video last week for a new, self-titled track that was shot by Natalie Wood (Wondergirlphoto) and edited by Max Horn (Baronxbones). They’re currently writing their debut LP that will be out on Neutral Words Records, so it was time to ask vocalist Jimmy some questions to introduce his band. Read on and enjoy!

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“I’m Jimmy, I sing in Higher Power. It started out as just me and my brother Alex who plays drums wanting to write a demo with a real metal sound. Loui who plays guitar got involved and did the demo with us. People seemed to really be into it and we decided we wanted to be a real band and play some cool shows so we got Ethan in on bass as he literally only started learning to play bass to learn the demo and Max on second guitar. He was putting it out for us through Neutral Words Records so it made sense and it works perfectly. Everyone’s equally as stoked to do this band and wants to see how far we can take it.”

How did you come up with the band name, Higher Power?

“I was watching the Subzero video for their song ‘Higher Power’ and just thought it would make a cool band name and we hadn’t come up with anything better, haha. I also love religious imagery and knew I wanted to use it for artwork so it kinda fitted with the idea of that so we decided to role with it.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“For me the perfect combination is hard mosh parts. Groove. And a little bit of melody, that’s all me and Alex wanted to do when we wrote the demo. We love the later NYHC sound – it’s got so much style to it and it’s so dynamic. We have never really been into the straight forward punk sound. We grew up listening to metal – Pantera and Megadeath especially – and we both worship the Merauder Eddie Leeway demos. We just knew we had to do a band to recreate that vibe. A lot of bands now just follow the same formulas and it gets boring. We have all been in hardcore bands for a while and just wanna try do something with less boundaries. Since getting the full line up together and writing new stuff it’s clear we’re all on the same wavelength about it as well. Were all hard moshers so we just write songs we would wanna mosh to ourselves.”

Your new 7″ EP Space To Breathe will be out this summer on Neutral Words Records. We already heard a preview with the release of the first track ‘Higher Power’, but more can we expect and what’s the story behind this release?

“It’s three new songs as we couldn’t fit anymore than that on a 7″ as the songs are kinda long. It’s just a teaser as we’re writing an LP at the moment. As I said we’re all really into this band, constantly coming up with ideas, so we already have half the LP written. We wanted to do a 7″ to get some more songs out for people to listen to as soon as we could. Hopefully we can elaborate a bit from the demo now we have a real line up and everyone had ideas as soon as we first all practiced together. It should be out by the end of July as pressing the records is kinda slow but I’m sure the songs will be online long before that.”

Where do you hope this release will get Higher Power?

“I dunno, the song and video has had a real sick reaction so far. We were kinda interested to see what people thought of the music video but we think they’re cool and all love hanging out watching Biohazard and Pantera videos and wanted to do one for ourselves. We just wanna play more shows with our mates’ bands and use the band as an outlet for our creative side. Like Max has done all the artwork for the 7″ and had a really cool idea for it so we just wanna keep things going and keep ourselves busy so as long as we can keep doing what we wanna do and some people are into it that’s fine by us.”

Leeds brings forth a lot of quality hardcore bands. Can you tell us a little bit more about your local scene?

“Leeds is the best scene I’ve ever been a part of. It’s so crazy at the moment, so many insane bands coming out of it. Everyone wants to do something to keep making it better. There’s so much energy at shows because everyone’s having fun. I feel so lucky to be around now and be a part of it because it hasn’t always been like this here in England. There’s no where else I’d rather be.”

Finally, when will Higher Power make way to mainland Europe?

“We’re working on it. I work full time and have a dog. Ethan also has a full time job and the rest are just broke as fuck all the time, haha. Plus we’re all in a bunch of other bands but we are working something out as we can’t wait to get out and tour Europe and be in a van together. We’re looking to do something at the end of summer when we get the physical copies of the 7″.”

Higher Power: Facebook / Bandcamp

Photo by Natalie Wood (Wondergirlphoto): Facebook / Tumblr

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