Introducing: Adjust


Adjust from Scotland are currently on the road with War Charge, touring mainland Europe for the very first time. I had the pleasure of seeing them last night at ACU in Utrecht (NL) and they absolutely KILLED IT. At first sight, they seem like a bunch of inexperienced youngsters, enjoying their first time in Europe to the fullest. Until the first note hits, and they blow you away with super tight riffing and an explosive performance. Adjust is the shit and you need to check them out right now. Check out the brief interview I did with vocalist Alastair Brims and jam their demo Demonstration.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“My name’s Alastair and I do vocals in Adjust.”

How did you come up with the band name, Adjust?

“I wish there was a cool back story behind the name but it has no meaning whatsoever. We’ve all been in bands before where we grew to hate the name so we just settled on one that sounds okay that we won’t grow to hate.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Heavy not beatdown – We’re all really into the new wave of Cali Hardcore (Mizery, Soul Search, Forced Order, Gods Hate) so it was really just our own take on that. The real influence was just Bad Seed because Bad Seed fucking rip. Were influenced by pretty recent bands, just so hyped on that shit right now and wanted in on it.”

You’ve released your first 4-track demo earlier this year. What’s the story behind this release?

“The writing process is quite strange. It’s made up mainly on the spot – it just kind of falls together and we go back and edit the songs until we’re all stoked on them. It’s rare for someone to say “I wrote this riff”. Things just tend to fall together and we cut and paste different ideas into each other until we like it. As far as the lyrics go, it’s really just writing that I do. I definitely have two sides to me and Adjust is a really just an admittedly depressing insight into things I don’t think are appropriate or comfortable to talk about to many people but we all feel like shit sometimes. So anyway, I just write things down when I’m in a certain headspace and then make it into a song so it feels organic and that I’m not just fucking lying to myself or talking shit.”

You’re currently on the road with War Charge. How have the reactions been to your shows?

Well yesterday was the second show but London beforehand was so rad. I’ve wanted to play London since the second this band started so it was so good – good turnout and sick bands. I loved yesterday, I won’t act modest about it at all, I was literally shitting myself before we played. War Charge have been to Europe so many times before and they’re all so into it and seem to know people everywhere but me and the other younger dudes literally can’t fucking sit still, were normally hyper active as fuck but I’m just so juiced to be here. It’s like War Charge have been forced by their parents to take their younger brothers on tour. We got a few shows left in Europe left including Return to Strength fest tomorrow which is gonna be unreal.”

Finally, what’s lined up for Adjust in the near future?

“Honestly, fuck knows. Our biggest disadvantage is that we do things at our own pace which is seriously gonna fuck us if we’re still playing the same set in 6 months time. Definitely a new release in the next few months and another trip to Europe with hopefully more countries involved! I wanna come back so bad.”

Adjust: Facebook / Bandcamp

Picture by Amy McGilly

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