Review: Intense – Sick and Depraved

Intense - Sick and Depraved

Hailing from Duisberg, Germany, Intense have taken time out of a busy touring schedule to smash together a savage little EP. With a pool of live shows and an appearance at Northcote festival firmly under their belts, it seems safe to say, Intense show zero signs of slowing down. With a 7” vinyl EP release and big plans on the horizon, Intense – with a little help from Farewell Records, are ready to supply your daily dose of groove riddled hardcore goodness, and then some.

Intense opens up with a medley of mammoth groove and driving drum beats, topped off with an added dose of bass and distortion drenching the final mix. It’s quickly clear Intense are going to cram as much venom and energy into ten minutes as humanly possible. The following three tracks are an unwavering onslaught from start to finish. Each song nods towards an old-school, metallic hardcore vibe, swaying between gritty bass lines and rapid attacks on the guitar. ‘Turning Point’ throws in the odd gang vocal, before dropping into a sludgy as hell breakdown, while ‘Modern Time (Is Slavery) burns the record out with another marching riff and guttural cry of “Until the day I die!”.

Wherever you are, take ten minutes out of your day, crank up the volume, get mad and give Sick and Depraved a spin. It’s guaranteed to leave your blood pumping, your head banging and your appetite for some nail biting hardcore punk well and truly satisfied. Bring on the full LP.

Track list – Sick and Depraved

1. Sick and Depraved
2. Erase The Past
3. Turning Point
4. Modern Time (Is Slavery)

Check out our Introducing-feature of Intense here and stream their EP in full here.

Intense: Facebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Sick and Depraved 

Written by Alfie Nobes

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