Introducing: Ghostwriter.


It’s always nice to get e-mails out of the blue that introduce you to a great new band. When I got an e-mail from Nick from Epidemic Cloth. and Mind Control Records, I was happily surprised when I heard the heavy, metal infused material of Berlin-based hardcore band Ghostwriter. They’ll be releasing their brand new EP Hell Can Wait this week and they’ll be playing a number of shows, so I spoke with guitarist Björn to introduce his band. Read on!

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Hi there, first of all thanks for having us! We are five guys from Berlin and its surrounding areas joined in and enjoying our band Ghostwriter. for about five years now.”

How did you come up with the band name, Ghostwriter.?

“The name is based on the thought that there’s something inside us, like another character or person, pushing us to do things the ‘real’ self wouldn’t do. It’s like being a two-faced person with a hidden, stronger self, knowing well about everything that is kept deep inside.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Loud – it just has to be loud. Bleak – dealing with uncertainty, doubts, personal and social issues in our lyrics; our music therefore creates some kind of atmospheric and dark foundation. Sawing – we don’t like playing music that is too sterile and prefer a more edgy and noisy sound.”

Next week you’ll be releasing a 5-track EP on vinyl and cassette. What’s the story behind this release?

“Yeah finally Hell Can Wait will be released and we are damn excited about it. The record became a longer project and we took good care about making it an appropriate release in every concern. From songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering to the artwork and so on; it unifies critical lyrics, a heavy and dark sound with us being a band. It pretty much represents our point of view, our taste of music and sound as well as our friendship. I normally don’t listen to the music of the band I’m playing in but this time it’s a little different. To me, personally, it feels like a testimony of all the intense and unique experiences we gathered throughout the past years when I listen to these 5 tracks. Even though the record is shaped by confrontation with reality and gloomy atmosphere, it inherits a wide range of emotions: anger, rage, desperation, fun, doubts, confusion and ecstasy.”

Unfortunately you were forced to cancel your European tour with On the Edge of Forever. Are there any plans in the making to hit the road with them or any other bands?

“Experiencing the mentioned emotions while listening to Hell Can Wait made it even harder to cancel the tour. Every one of us can’t wait to blast these songs out live. So we are definitely working on a new tour. It would be nice if On The Edge Of Forever could join this plan as their sound is very energetic and the guys seem to be very relaxed. We’ll see what we can figure out. Keep your eyes open!”

Ghostwriter.: Facebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Hell Can Wait

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