Groezrock Finalizes 2015 Line-Up

Groezrock 2015

Belgian hardcore/punk/metal festival Groezrock finalized this years crazy bill by adding The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Loved Ones (Dave House‘s band), Nasty and Brutus. We recommend you get your tickets fast as some of our favorite bands are playing this amazing festival like Turnstile, CeremonyBane, Cold WorldBasement, Title Fight, Comeback Kid, Stick To Your Guns, Trash Talk, Defeater, and Agnostic Front.

Also, a fifth stage will be added to the festival WITHOUT BARRIERS. The organization notes on their Facebook-page“Because of the epic success of the Etnies Stage, there will be a second smaller stage, open for plenty of stage-diving fun and shenanigans. We’re thinking about calling it the High Five Stage. Because, duh, stage dives and high fives go hand in hand. Or the Diving Board. Or the Joyce Manor stage. What? We suck? Well, if you have any better suggestions, send ‘em to us ( and you might win a free ticket. Or not. “

Groezrock: Facebook / TwitterTickets

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