Introducing: Mizery

Mizery Announcement

Mizery is an up and coming band from San Diego, California who’ve put out a smashing EP in September 2014 called Survive The Vibe. Their trash and blues infused blend of hardcore has turned heads fast and they’re currently on their first ever U.S. tour with Expire, Rotting Out, Suburban Scum and Bent Life. Today, the band announced their signing with Flatspot Records for the release of their debut full length that’s due for release late 2015 so I asked vocalist Jose Gonzales to give us some insight in his band and the new record.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“My name is Jose and I sing for the band, we also got our guitarist Taylor, our bassist Mike and drummer Cayle.”

How did you come up with the band name, Mizery?

“It was actually suggested when we were recording the 7” by Taylor Young, it comes from song Misery by Dmize. We took the “Z” from Dmize and it was a wrap.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Spontaneous, bluesy, vibes. A good amount of that record was jammed out on the spot, the songs were structured, but lot of the bass and guitar work and even a lot of drum fills, were just thrown in there. We are a very spontaneous band both musically and personally. Our guitarist comes from a blues guitar background so definitely the music has a lot of that in there, especially the solos. But the blues is a feeling and lyrically I think those emotions of loss and frustration come out pretty well. Last but not least, is the vibe. A lot people ask what it is and I don’t really know how to answer that, it just is what is and when ever I hear some one describe our band they can’t help but use it.”

You guys are making name for yourself quickly. Can you explain the success?

“Honestly, we wrote what is to me personally a great hardcore record. I still love it, and I’ve probably heard it more than anybody else. That combined with some hard work to get out and play as many shows as we can, has led us to this point?”

This month Mizery is touring the US with Expire and Rotting Out. How’s the tour been so far? How has the crowd reaction been to the Mizery set?

“The tour has been great. All of the bands, including us, have been getting crazy reactions and everybody has been super cool. We couldn’t ask for a better experience for our first U.S. tour.”

You guys released a slamming EP in September 2014. Flatspot Records will be releasing your debut LP later this year. When, where and with who will you be hitting the studio and around when can we expect the new record to be out?

“Hopefully, we can get the LP recorded by this summer and out to you guys by the winter. As to with who and where, we’re pretty sure we want to go back and record with Taylor Young at The Pit, if both our schedules will allow it.”

How do you guys plan on writing a record that beats the EP?

“All we can do, is to just keep writing music that we love. What we have so far is so much crazier than the 7″, a little thrashier and a lot funkier, but still keeping the grooviness and heaviness of the New York style hardcore we’ve come to develop.”

Finally, when will Mizery cross the pond and play Europe?

“Hopefully we can do a lot more than just Europe throughout all of 2016.”

Mizery: Facebook / TwitterBandcamp

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