Review: Disgrace – True Enemy


After releasing their furious Songs Of Suffering EP almost 3 years ago, the four Californian lads of Disgrace are back with their debut album, True enemy. There hasn’t changed that much since 2012: the band is still signed to Closed Casket Activities, has 4/5th of the members of Twitching Tongues featured and plays a furious mix of hardcore and (death/thrash) metal. Even the (amazing!) artwork is once again handled by artist Dan Seagrave, who has also worked with bands such as Morbid Angel, Dismember and Suffocation.

The metal artists named above clearly had a lot of influence on the crushing sound of this record together with hardcore mammoths like Merauder and Ringworm. Disgrace interchange fast thrash riffs with the most heavy breakdowns like it’s nothing and songs like ‘Uncreation’ even have a pretty catchy, nonetheless killing groove. Singer Taylor Young (who also drums in the grindcore outfit Nails) sounds nothing like he does in Twitching Tongues, the only song where the gothic rock influences of that band come in is album closer ‘Conclusion’.

“Around your neck, breathe your final breath”, a line featured in the song ‘1000 Voices’ may be the best way to describe the way you are going to feel when listening tot his album. Only the acoustic interlude ‘Segue’ leaves room for breath. The following song, ‘Bootlicker’ is the most representational song on this album, with an undeniably heavy groove and even a little solo. Other highlights include ‘Uncreation’ and the Dmize cover ‘The Dawn’.

Disgrace managed to play metal and hardcore simultaneously on True Enemy without ‘sounding’ metalcore. A great ode to bands like Cold As Life and All Out War, while still adding some of their own flavor. The record is out today, so buy it HERE or stream below!

Track list – True Enemy

01. True Enemy
02. No More Fools
03. Slave To The Lead God
04. Uncreation
05. 1000 Voices
06. Conquered
07. The Forgotten Land
08. The Well
09. Segue
10. Bootlicker
11. The Dawn
12. Conclusion

Disgrace: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Niels Koster

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