Introducing: Cross Me

Cross Me

Cross Me popped up on my radar when Flatspot Records released their Paid In Full EP last summer. Their relentless brand of thrashy hardcore turned some heads and they’re about to release their new 7″ flexi Mind Prison / Content. With the ambition to tour Europe in 2016, I asked guitarist Jimmy LaDue to introduce his band.

Please introduce yourself and your band.

“I’m Jimmy LaDue, and I play guitar for Cross Me. A hardcore band based out of Milwaukee.”

How did you come up with the band name, Cross Me?

“When we were writing our demo, we came up with the song ‘Don’t Cross Me.’ And we all agreed that it would be a pretty sick name for the band.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“I’d say thrashy, groovy, and heavy. We pull influence from a lot of different bands from many different genres, but I feel like most of the bands that influence us musically all have at least one of these elements. Which naturally comes out in our music. Whether it be the thrash and speed of Suicidal, the groove of Leeway, or the heaviness of Pantera. All we aim to do is blend it all together.”

Your debut EP “Paid In Full” was released by Flatspot Records and definitely turned some heads. Your next step is a 7” flexi called Mind Prison / Content and pre-orders were just launched. Why did you guys choose to release another 7” with only two songs, and not an LP?

“In my opinion, we’re still a fairly small band that has a lot of room for growth yet. I’d hate for us (and Flatspot) to put in all the time and energy into an LP right now, when it could have a little more of an impact later on with some more touring and music under our belt. Ya know?”

Additionally, where do you hope this new release gets you?

“I just want this release to be an example of where our sound is going with our future releases, and hopefully keep people interested in the band.”

Your vocalist Tyler got in a serious motorcycle incident last year. How did that affect you guys as a band? How’s he currently doing?

“Tyler is doing great. He’s still a little sore with all of the surgeries, but he’s pretty much made a full recovery. Which we couldn’t be more happy about. His accident affected us in a lot of different ways, both on the band’s level and on a friend level. It’s never fun to have to see your friend in that condition, and it was pretty tough to deal with when we didn’t know if he was going to survive. All while this was happening, we had to decide whether we should still do our tour with Blistered (tour was a week and a half away). Knowing Tyler, we knew he’d be more pissed if we stayed home for him than went on tour. So we went out with our friend Drew singing for us. While we were gone Tyler came out of his coma, and we stopped and visited him on the tail end of the tour.”

Lastly, when will we see you guys in Europe?

“We hope to be over there in early 2016.”

Cross Me: Facebook / Bandcamp / Order Mind Prison / Content

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