Review: Cornered – Sudden Death

Sudden Death

Fryslân is back! Cornered comes from the Frisian province of the Netherlands, the only place where metal and (hardcore-) punk can coexist and mingle; Something that I hear in every Cornered record and something I really like about this band. The songs are as to the point and down to earth as the band’s attitude. Their new album is no exception to the rule and is called Sudden Death, out now through Farewell Records.

The record opener is ‘Piece of the Pie’, a pie full of 90’s metallic riffs. It reminds me of Backtrack, but even more so it reminds me of a better produced Cornered record. It’s a distinct sound and the band finally put effort into the production of their tracks. It sounds amazing.

The further I get into the record I can feel a change from metal to punk and I can’t help but think about that other Dutch hardcore heavyweight, that early No Turning Back vibe, but with a Frisian metal twist to it. It is a sound that’s been gone for a while, but to me is more than welcome to come back. Tracks to look out for are ‘Piece of the Pie’, ‘All I Ask’ and that killer ‘Serve the Beast’ track.

The band has put out a good album that carries something for the old and something for the new, nostalgia meets innovation. I can’t wait to see what the band is heading towards, so go see a Cornered show near you!

Tracklist – Sudden Death:

1. Piece of the Pie
2. Save Me
3. Burning Inside
4. My Own Enemy
5. Empty Inside
6. All I Ask
7. Left for Dead
8. Your Ignorance
9. Deceiver
10. Alone
11. Serve the Beast

Cornered: Facebook / Bandcamp / BigCartel / Order Sudden Death

Written by Ruben Middelweerd

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