Review: The Eulogy – S/T

The Eulogy

Hailing from the sunny south of California, The Eulogy has pulled in a host of hardcore veterans, including members from Agnostic Front, Madball and Mouthpiece. This hardcore dream team have joined forces with Flatspot Records to bring you three tracks of the finest, fast-paced, hardcore punk ferocity.

‘Pummel’ rolls in with a rapid onslaught of hefty powerchords before sinking into some immense hardcore grooves. Sergio Chavez’ vocals take centre stage, bringing the member’s old-school roots back to fruition with this ruthless track. ‘No Matter What’ keeps the fire burning with a sludgy intro built for the purpose of getting feet stomping the fists in the air. Guitarists Matt Henderson and Pete Reily churn out yet more big NYHC style riffs, which are sure to keep the most die-hard hardcore kids satisfied. The three track assault rounds off with ‘The Plague’, a one and a bit minute blitz of rapid fire powerchords, throaty vocals and thundering drum beats, a suitable finish to this flash-fire EP.

If you’re a fan of the heavy sounding, old-school hardcore then look no further. This short but sweet record may not push the boundaries of the sound, but it will get your blood pumping and your head nodding, exactly how a great hardcore record should. A solid offering from a team of veterans, my only fault is there wasn’t enough of it!

Track list – S/T

1. Pummel
2. No Matter What
3. The Plague

The Eulogy: Facebook

Written by Alfie Nobes

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