Introducing: ANGST


Please introduce yourself and your band.

“Hi, ANGST is band from Hannover: Timo, Thilo, André and Alex also play in Client. Because all of them love hardcore they wanted to start another project playing some heavier music. Then they said I (Steffen) should sing…so, since the beginning of the band in 2013 that’s my part.”

How did you come up with the band name, ANGST?

“We tried to find a short and catchy name and discussed a lot. I came up with ANGST because I wanted to have a meaning behind the band’s name. Angst (or anxiety/fear) is something everyone knows. You question things, you act differently, treat your loved ones bad… It can change people and their behaviors. In my opinion fear is one of the strongest feelings a human being can have affecting body and mind. But it can also be used as a political instrument. Media systems and governments can influence citizens telling them to dread any absurd issue. They use it to enforce new rules and laws for total control. I believe angst is a mighty emotion that influences life. With that idea in mind we are all satisfied with the band name.”

Define your sound in three words and elaborate on that.

“Angry: If you try to handle problems or if you want to find a place besides everyday routines, when you’re desperate, lovesick, disappointed or just angry – a hardcore band is the way to let out what you think. That are some reasons why we play in this band.
90s: I think the main influences of our sound are the 90s. We love the metal riffs and NYHC sounds of that decade.
Noisy: Every time we soundcheck and the sound engineer wants us to turn down the volume we turn it back up again. Our music shall be played loud!”

You released a 7” called “Destiny Becomes Reality” in May 2014 and played some great support shows since. How was the response?

“We are friends and we play music we like. The possibility to support some of our favorite bands is amazing. I don’t know how many records were sold so far, but the fact that we were able to record our music and that some kids give positive feedback is still beyond expectations. All in all we’re happy to know people put on such great shows, release records and support new bands.”

What do you expect of L.A. Fest?

“It will be the first time that ANGST is playing outside Germany, literally the first time outside of our hometown. That’s cool. Maybe some people will listen to our music and like it – even better. We’re looking forward to see new faces, hang out a lot and meet you guys. Personally I hope to eat some “lekker patat”! I love your frietjes haha.”

To most band members, ANGST is a side project. What can we expect of the band in the near future?

“There is no defined plan for the upcoming months except for playing Still Cold Fest. Since Alex moved and Client. released their LP it was hard to practice regularly, but we definitely try to write new songs and play more shows.”

ANGST: Facebook / Bandcamp

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