Reality Records To Release LEEWAY Discography


Our friends at Reality Records have announced the re-release of four LEEWAY full-length records. The Belgian label states:

“LEEWAY brought us some of the best crossover / thrash / hardcore ever written and is still a big influence to a lot of current and new bands in our scene! These albums were long out of print and deserve the right sound! Born To Expire & Desperate Measures can be considered as milestones in the hardcore history worlwide, while Adult Crash and Open Mouth Kiss are just way to underrated!”

All four full-length records will be remastered and will come with an extensive booklet. On top of that, every album will contain loads of bonus tracks! The records will be available on CD and LP, and of course digitally.

Expect Born To Expire and Desperate Measures to be released in spring 2015! Adult Crash and Open Mouth Kiss will be released later on this year around fall/winter 2015!

Reality Records: Facebook / Website

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