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Album of the Month: Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling


Hot off the back of their 2013 release Step 2 Rhythm, Turnstile have returned with their distinctive blend of NYHC style riffs and vibrant grooves, and as if that wasn’t enough, this time there’s a full LP’s worth of hardcore mastery to relish in. Recorded in Baltimore with Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Hot Water Music, Thrice) at Salad Days studio, Nonstop Feeling is set to provide yet more riff worshipping mayhem to the band’s devoted underground followers.

‘Gravity’ takes off with a punk fuelled taster before plummeting into a gritty, clenched fist hardcore groove. An upbeat punky chorus gives the track a release of energy while some chugging guitar play keeps a foot firmly planted in the NYHC camp. ‘Fazed Out’ gives life to one of the biggest, baddest Turnstile breakdowns to date, hefty guitars and Brendan Yates’ livid vocals make for a lethal blend on this robust track. ‘Can’t Deny it’ is an added breath of fresh air, featuring borderline rapping and reverb driven backing vocals it marks a somewhat light-hearted slice of the debut LP. ‘Blue by You’ yields another carefree, pop-punk tinged intro which escorted by more indulgent, harmonious vocal lines takes Turnstile’s sound into new realms. ‘Out of Rage’ serves a packed helping of hardcore venom, snapping out of the unperturbed tones of ‘Blue by you,’ it packs a chorus with enough raw rage to put Zack De la Rocha to shame.

Nonstop Feeling is as innovative and resourceful at it is savage and destructive, a courageous step forward into the ferocious realm of hardcore music from one of the most captivating and talented bands to grace the scene. Drawing strength from the bygone era of 80s/90s hardcore, Turnstile hold nothing back and make no apologies, a top notch record from the first cruel chord to the last unbridled, throaty vocal line. Turnstile are most definitely back.

Track list – Nonstop Feeling:

1. Gravity
2. Drop
3. Fazed Out
4. Can’t Deny It
5. Bleach Temple
6. Bad Wave
7. Blue By You
8. Out Of Rage
9. Bring It Back
10. Addicted
11. Love Lasso
12. Stress

TurnstileFacebook / Bandcamp / Pre-order Nonstop Feeling (EU) / Pre-order Nonstop Feeling (US)


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