Review: Tarantino / Angstgegner – Split EP


It’s starting to feel like the end of a tremendously rich year for heavy music. With every week a handful of releases to listen, we sometimes miss a few underexposed but worthy releases. Among these, there’s If You’re Gonna Kick Authority in the Teeth, You Might As Well Use Both Feet, a split EP released last September between two Dutch bands, Tarantino and Angstgegner.

What can we expect from this split, you ask? Well, each band brings four solid tracks; drawing varied influences and delivering messy hardcore punk resonances. On Tarantino’s side of the split, you’ll find a band whose rough crust punk sound is also infused with 90’s old school hardcore and thrash inspirations. Songs such as ‘Despise’ or ‘Freedom of Speech (for the Dumb)“ demonstrates a mad swinging rhythm that is hard to resist. Lyrically, various themes are addressed. Ranging from society, GMO food, drugs, or the spirit of civil disobedience, there’s an overall impression of rebellion strongly reinforced by the split’s artwork and title.

On the other side, you’ll find out that their Dutch companions Angstgegner (with members of Otis and Razorblade) are not the quietest band either. We’re dealing here with a band whose style is much more influenced by Black Flag and even The Bronx or Fucked Up. Without making it sound like a cheap crossover, Angstgegner vehicles frantic tracks filled with furious energy, harsh vocals and a solid rhythmic section. The fact there’s less than 10 min of music for each bands strongly accentuates the explosive aspect of the whole split. Give them a listen if you like your punk raw!

Track list- If You’re Gonna Kick Authority in the Teeth, You Might As Well Use Both Feet:


1. Despise
2. This Will Go Wrong
3. Freedom of Speech (for the dumb)
4. Dead Inside


1. The Bearded Lady
2. Fix My Bike
3. Wine Into Water
4. 100% not sure

Tarantino: Facebook / Bandcamp
Angstgegner: Facebook / Bandcamp

Written by Alex Tabankia

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